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Building a strong marriage


Given that nearly half of today’s marriages end in divorce, it makes good sense to safe guard your relationship by investing time and money in keeping it vital. This Couples Program is a sound strategy – one that will pay off in the short and long term.

This Couples Program was designed to help you develop a strong and growing relationship. Through the program you will learn as a couple to share your feelings, ideas and work together to achieve your goals. This Couples Program will assist you in identifying relationship areas for you to enrich, help you build on your strengths and teach you to communicate more effectively with your partner about a variety of important topics.

A great quote to remember is “Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail”.

Here are the goals of this Program, it’s to help you:

Explore your relationship Strength and Growth areas

Strengthen your communication skills, including assertiveness and active listening

Resolve your conflicts using a ten step procedure

Explore your relationship and family-of-origin issues with the couple and family map

Develop a workable budget and financial plan

Develop your personal, couple and family goals

Resolve losing intimacy in your relationship

The Couples Program contains a variety of couple exercises that can help you achieve these goals. These exercises are designed to encourage you to talk with each other and to plan together how to deal with a variety of important topics.

Table of content:

Preparing and enriching your relationship

Why and how do couples enrich their relationships?

Communication Skills that will increase your Intimacy

Daily dialogue and Daily compliments

Sharing strength and growth areas

Assertiveness and active listening skills

Ten steps for resolving couple conflict

Overview of couples and family maps



Couple and Family Types

Knowing your Couple and Family type

Financial management

What is Budgeting?

A simple Budgeting Worksheet

Making your goals a reality

Create positive change in your life

Losing Intimacy in My Relationship

How Badly Do You Want Intimacy in Your Relationship

Defining Intimacy in a Relationship

The Meaning of Intimacy

10 Steps to Recognising Intimacy in a Relationship

How to Develop Intimate Relationships

7 Ways to Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

Three Steps for Better Verbal Intimacy

Intimacy and Sex

Keeping Intimacy Alive

The Intimacy Quiz

The Elusive Dance

The Drawing Closer Quiz

Exploring Intimacy

Obstacles to Establishing Intimacy in a Relationship

Difficulties in achieving intimacy

Negative Consequences of an Inability to Handle Intimacy

Behaviour Traits for Healthy Intimacy in a Relationship

5 Steps to Improve Intimacy in a Relationship

Languages of Love

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