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Understanding Domestic Violence


Domestic violence refers to the use of physical, sexual, verbal, psychological, or economic abuse or coercion by an individual against a current or former partner. Also known as intimate partner violence, it can occur between spouses, former spouses, or girlfriends and boyfriends.

Though men are more often the perpetrators, domestic violence may be committed by men or by women, and both men and women can be victims.

This workshop has been designed to assist in promoting a non-violent home environment. The "understanding domestic violence workshop" will cover topics like;

* What is Domestic Violence?

* Domestic violence and the Fear Factor

* Domestic violence and the effects on children

* Understanding the cyclical nature of Domestic Violence

* The cycle of Violence

*The cycle of Violence and the effects on the victim

* The "RED FLAGS" of Domestic Violence

* Early warning signs of Domestic Violence

* Promoting a Non-Violent home environment

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