Leading people to the Word of Faith

and the healing power of Jesus.

Our Vision:

Serving the local church across our nation and around the world with a heart for Discipleship, Leadership and Relationship. 

To mentor and multiply

Firstly, we aim to reach this generation that will, by living to their fullest potential, influence their world for Christ.  

Secondly, we will network with churches in isolated regions of the world, to mentor and empower them to change their communities for the Kingdom of God.  Leading people to the Word of Faith and the Healing power of Jesus.

Donations – if you would like to donate to one or all of our mission projects just click here and indicate the project you would like to support in the subject column.  All of the money raised for missions goes to missions.

To sponsor a child

Our objectives and goals

  1. To provide love, food, shelter, clothing, education, safe drinking water and medication for orphaned children.
  2. Help lower the number of street kids and abandoned orphans in the community. 
  3. Improve access to education for underprivileged kids by creating and maintaining a sponsorship program.
  4. Help orphans who are not academically inclined to acquire technical skills which allow them to support themselves for the future.
  5. Build orphanages that will raise, nurture and rehabilitate children with a loving and caring environment.
  6. Train and educate committed caring staff to assist in the raising and nurturing of orphans.
  7. To develop resources like cows, goats and chickens to help sustain a healthy diet and income stream. 
  8. To provide accommodation, schooling, clothing and food for children in need.    


To watch a video on how someone can be Born Again using the Koran -

Our Mission projects

Southland Missions Community Care Initiative

We are pleased to announce that we have embarked upon the journey of a Care facility within our community.

Here are the components of our Fatherhood equipping services. We are going to combine elements of parenting, fathering, family violence, suicide and child protection practice to enhance the safety and well-being of children.

The program principles emphasise the need to enhance men’s motivation, promote child-centred fathering, address men’s ability to engage in respectful, non-abusive co-parenting with children’s mothers, recognise that children’s experience of trauma will impact the rate of possible change. Also to work collaboratively with other service providers to ensure that children benefit (and are not unintentionally harmed) as a result of father’s participation in their children's lives and in intervention.

The largest socio-economic disadvantaged group in the Lockyer Valley

Speaking with the Senior Sergeant of the Laidley police station, he indicated that the biggest problem in the Laidley region is the socio-economic disadvantaged and the high number of single fathers. Compared with fathers heading households with two married parents, single dads are younger, less educated, and less financially well-off within this district.  Also more prone to suicide.  We would also like to start this programme in Gatton, all we need is a premises to operate from.  In Gatton we would like to also run a soup kitchen as well.  If you know of a suitable premises please let us know.

In our investigations the greatest need is; fathers who are ages 15 or older, who are the head of their household, and who report living with their own minor children (biological children, step-children or adopted children).  Fathers who are living in a household headed by someone else are excluded from the statistics, as are fathers whose children are not living with them. 

How are we going to achieve this task?

We are going to partner with organisations who have successfully delivered similar services. We expect that clients will be referred to us by other service providers, community corrections or self-referral.  We also want to conduct a range of community programs in the areas of substance abuse, anger management, anxiety, fatherhood and life skills training.

We are a non-profit organisation hoping to end father absence by assisting all fathers to be better caregivers. Underlying many of society's most pressing challenges is a lack of father involvement in their children's lives.

Our Mission - To transform organisations and communities by equipping them to intentionally and proactively engage fathers in their children's lives.

Our Vision - is for every child to grow up with an involved, responsible, and committed father.

Click here to view our mission and program document.


We pioneered this work on the 3rd of July 2011. 

    Our Pastor overseeing this work in Kenya is Ps Davis - he is a Kenyan citizen situated in Western parts of Kenya, Kisii region, Gucha South District, Nyamarambe Division, Nyakembene Location, Boikang'a Sub-Location, Gesonso village.  After spending a long time in prayer, we felt that the Lord had been speaking through His Holy Spirit in our hearts to start a Church in Kenya.  We therefore, started two autonomous local Churches on different dates, one in Gesonso and the other one in Menyenya.  God has been good to us and faithful, He moved in a mighty way in this young ministry.

     We started by fellowship under the shades of trees, but now we rent a building.  We are committed to following Jesus Christ's teachings by Evangelizing to - Men, Women, Youths and Children into houses, visiting the sick in the hospitals, doing open Air Crusades.

    We have eight Orphans whom we caring for, these Orphans are placed in the families of our Church members.  We felt that God had called us to serve Him in this call!

    All it costs to care for these orphans is $40.00 AU a month, these funds go towards their schooling, clothing and one meal a day.  You can sponsor a child or you can support our mission work by giving a donation to our missions fund if you wish.  Click here

    Five of our orphans graduated from Prep to Primary, 2013 they start grade one – are they not cute in their little gowns?

    If you would like to sponsor one of our orphans click here to see their profile.

    These photo's show you what our church members in Kisii are meeting in at the moment.

    We are raising funds to go and build a building as an orphanage, church and teaching center.  But until then they are doing what they can to teach the Word of truth and life. 

    We have been able to invested over $16,000.00 into the education, food and well being of our orphans because of people just like you supporting these projects last finical year, glory to Jesus.

We have built a mission house on our church property in Kisii Kenya - Gesonso village - This way we have reduced the cost to do missions in Kisii for our mission teams. 

To keep up with our mission house building project click here


    Our work in Pakistan was established as an Outreach ministry of Faith Works International on the 1st of September 2014.  We started our Bible school in January 2015.  To run our Bible school, we need $350.00 AU a month.

    We hope to work with many church's in Pakistan to help spread the Word of Faith and the healing power of Jesus Christ.

    Our mission to help the needy and the children of Lahore as well as a group of people known as the 'Brick Kiln community'.   

    The pictures above are from our primary school we are running for the poor and needy Christian children of the community and our Bible school students.  We desperately need funds to help keep these schools going; please consider helping financially.  All the money donated to these projects goes to these projects.

    Our Pastors and District Coordinator for Faith Works International Pakistan are Ps Amjad and Farzana.  

    If you are led to give to our work in Pakistan  Click here

    If you would like to read our product information for our Bible School click here.