Leading people to the Word of Faith

and the healing power of Jesus 

  We are a pioneering outreach ministry, and we are seeking people called to be ministers to take on the role as a Pioneering Pastor (shepherd).  We are inviting ministers, Bible college students with a definite call on their life and pastors who are looking for a new challenge.   We have developed a successful model which we have trialled in Australia, Kenya and Pakistan with great success, and we are now ready to launch into spreading the ministry of Faith Works international throughout Australia. 

What is a pioneering ministry?

  A pioneer minister is someone who has the necessary vision and gifts to be a missionary entrepreneur:  with the capacity to form and lead fresh expressions and new forms of church appropriate to a particular culture.  Pioneer ministers may be ordained or lay (not ordained) and we offer support and training to assist in this pioneer endeavour and experience.

  The following resources might be useful if you are thinking about pioneer ministry or if you just want to find out more about our ministry.

  The danger for Pioneers to the normal way people do church can be viewed as exotic extras, we are misunderstood as mavericks or seen as re-deployed existing pastoral roles.  Some ministries struggle to identify, train and deploy Pioneers, lay or ordained because they do not understand who they are and what they do.

  Yet we don't need a few more Pioneers but thousands more if we are to fulfil our calling as a ministry for the whole nation and not just in a few locations but many.  Across the many churches in Australia, there are huge gaps regarding those we are connecting with, from a diversity of social, ethnic and age related backgrounds.  As someone said to me recently, 'We need to put the pedal to the metal!  We need to activate the body of Christ to start doing ministry to the needy and the lost.  So we have to go where they are and build a community that touches lives.

  Our challenge is to move from pockets of pioneers and pioneering to a culture of pioneering and pioneers across the whole church at all levels.  Moreover, there are significant signs of hope.

  There is an amazing movement of people which has often gone under the radar and which we need to build on.  God is on the move, and people are responding to Him in many places and ways.  However, there are not enough people who are willing to go and spread the Gospel, to many want to be served instead of serving.  My hope and prayer is that Pioneers and pioneering will become more and more the key element to the thriving and flourishing work of Faith Works International across all of our nation.


  So if you would like to be involved in Pioneering, we look forward to connecting with you and aligning your skills with ours and through the empowering of the Holy Spirit we can raise up many pockets of worshipers and community driven ministries across our whole nation to the glory of our Saviour Christ Jesus.  

  If we have your interest and you would like to see an information pack it is available below, or if you would like to ask some questions just email me your contact details, and I will connect with you regarding how we can go on this adventure together.

  By becoming an extension campus your start up legal and insurances are covered under our ministry.  Also all your policy and procedure documents are already developed and ready for an instant start.  The Guidelines for ministries and ministers document is what you will have to read and complete to go to the next step.  Remember if you have any questions call or email me.

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