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Revive - Recover - Refresh - Renew

Leading people to the Word of Faith

and the healing power of Jesus.

What we are about:

We exist to show people how God uses and assist ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things. This is to enhance the effectiveness of a positive relationship in one's life, for successful living in today's ever challenging world.  We will take people through the skills necessary to achieve their goals and assist them to apply these skills to their lives to make a significant impact on their world by walking in a greater understanding of their possibilities.  

Vision statement:

  • To lead people to their full potential.
  • To assist people to find the healing power for their journey of life.
  • To develop people to be effective leaders in their world.

Mission statement:

  • To cause people to realise who God is in His fullness, through the work of Christ and what we have been called to achieve.
  • To equip people with the skills to be fruitful individuals grounded in the faith, finding their place in the life of their community.