Leading people to the Word of Faith

and the healing power of Jesus.

We are women determined to reach our ultimate potential and destiny in Christ so we can use our God-given gifts for His Glory.  

We are empowered by the Holy Ghost and we love to share the good news of Jesus with others in our community.

As we walk by faith, and share the hope that we have in Christ Jesus and in His eminent return, we believe there will be an awakening that will change the world.   

My name is Josephine Bartley, I am currently writing books and slowly building up an itinerant ministry while serving as a Senior Pastor with my husband Trevor Bartley at Faith Works International in Queensland, Australia.

I am passionate about seeing Women reach their fullest potential in Christ, and enjoy travelling and ministering to people cross-culturally from any denomination that professes Jesus as Lord. I love to inspire and motivate Christians while delivering a message of hope, healing, and especially love and encouragement to the body of Christ. 

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